BoxAxis is committed to advancing the concept of blockchain technology from the Internet to the Internet of Things to realize

the concept of value Internet of Things. With the Internet of Things as the core,

the blockchain technology port collects rich data, supports big data analysis and artificial intelligence analysis,

and then expands more interactive scenarios and experience scenarios of the Internet of Things.

In this chain, merchants can tailor their own needs. Create a wide variety of sub-chains.

The main feature of this commercial eco-chain is that all data (including property rights attribution data, commodity circulation data, etc.)is

authentic and can not be tampered with time stamps,so that a first-class IoT blockchain ecosystem can be established.


BoxAxis is an economical-driven blockchain application platform and interaction standard for the Internet of Things.  The parallel chain structure

connects devices to each other to form a distributed network, and the consensus algorithm is used to ensure the legal

trustworthiness of transactions between devices.  At the same time, different types of equipment can access differentparallel chains to avoid the

explosive growth of the general ledger.



 Reduce the performance bottleneck brought by

the center and maintain stability together.


Information read only

most are justice, professional high-end cryptography

guarantees the security of operations.



Information is transparent and open to

avoid black-box operations.



The information of a transaction does

not depend on trust in identity.


Consensus Mechanism




Smart Contracts

Programmable, unambiguous, one-to-one

contracts for security and privacy.

BoxAxis Tokens

BoxAxisIssued a total of 500000000 BAXS. The distribution proportion is as follows:



As the number of IoT devices increases and the level of machine intelligence increases, more and more automatically running IoT DAPPs will

be installed on smart devices. Machines and machines, people and machines will pass through the distributed

Internet of Things DAPP. Real-time trusted automatic data exchange and automated trading.  BoxAxis (Box Axis Chain) will

realize the direct data transmission between IoT point nodes. The IoT solution does not need to introduce large data centers for

data synchronization and management control, including data acquisition command transmission and software update.

The network of blockchains is transmitted.  Some BoxAxis (box shaft chains) typical application scenarios include

Intelligent Equipment

The use of sensors to track the bridges, roads, power grid and other conditions, and even help to monitor natural disasters in remote areas, to prevent large-scale fires, pest disaster, intelligent city management, city greening and pollution prediction, and maintenance…

Intelligent Finance

With the implementation of the blockchain distributed data can not be tampered with and data ownership, guarantee the authenticity of the data of financial institutions, to avoid credit, corporate debt and bond trading platform, payment, exchange rate, contract cost and orders the…

Smart Car

DAPP automatic operation of the Internet of things in the vehicle into the intelligent application terminals, the owner can use block chain track networking equipment, such as vehicle inspection, automatic tracking, auto insurance. For driving automatic…

Intelligent Manufacturing

For example, product transportation, even if the goods are transferred through multiple logistics, can track the product to ensure safety and timely delivery; for example, production, inventory management, product sales and inventory data are recorded…

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