The use of sensors to track the bridges, roads, power grid and other conditions, and even help to monitor natural disasters in remote areas, to prevent large-scale fires, pest disaster, intelligent city management, city greening and pollution prediction, and maintenance, sharing efficient city management. The relay of different things, the effective circulation of resources, and greatly lower the material chain network access threshold, shorten the development cycle, reduce the risk of application development. In the future, smart grid, smart logistics, smart, intelligent Home Furnishing billboards, smart city, military and other aspects of the use will be widely used. The intelligent medical, and domestic well-known pharmaceutical pharmaceutical Intel leading listed companies have reached a cooperation. Equipped with RSPS technology BoxAxis system successfully solved the drug packaging waste of resources and environmental pollution, transportation is difficult to guarantee drug safety issues, not only can provide real-time location information, but also to protect the drug circulation safety, traceability, and open up the end-to-end business data, improve the efficiency of drug circulation.

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